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Become an Andrea Fausti’s partner is the perfect choice for companies that want to promote their image and their brand in a strong, dynamic and competitive way. Competition, technological challenge, passion, these are the elements that  always make motorsport a fascinating sport. Speed, perseverance, determination, the components of success.

The sponsor may make use of the follow spaces for logos, writings and colors:

  • Racing car.
  • Driver’s technical equipment like suit, helmet and accessories.
  • Team’s box set-up, transportation vehicles, clothing and name.
  • SDriver’s and team’s website.
  • Posters, calendars, caps and other promotional material.
  • Possibility of creating a global livery for all the spaces described above.

To the classic sponsorship can be add the following options:

  • Promotional and advertising events during the race weekend.  Company’s information material or gadgets  can be distributed on circuit. Moreover, by creating stand and hospitality, is possible to show the company’s products and invite guests or clients.
  • Promotional and advertising events outside the race weekend. Availability of the racing car and the driver for trade shows, presentations, exhibitions, meetings or other events.
  • Use of the sponsorship for advertising campaigns.
  • Events on track using the driver and the racing car to give the possibility to sponsor’s managers, clients or other guests to have demonstration lap or to drive .


Motorsport is the most photographed and filmed sport in the world and it’s one of the best marketing vehicles to the company’s image.

Be a sponsor means to appear on all kinds of media, locally, nationally or internationally:
  • Television – Commentary and sports or custom columns.
  • Paper – Newspapers and magazines, specialized and not.
  • Radio – Radio news programs, and specialized sports columns.
  • Internet – Chronicles, reports, pictures and videos on specialized and not specialized websites.
  • Social Network – Photos, videos and comments in real time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Media coverage can be planned according to the specific needs of the sponsor in order to have a personalized visibility.
The Andrea Fausti’s press office works in a professional way about the information, sending press release and pictures to national and local newspapers and to over 100 worldwide websites.

To get the details about media coverage, sponsorship agreement or about budget’s management, please contact Andrea Fausti.